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Services offered within the E-Filing System:
  • Registration of legal entities, changes and deletion
  • E- payment of registration fees
  • Certificates in electronic or paper format
  • An option for registration of authorized persons with the obligatory social security (Pension Fund and Health Fund) upon the first registration
Trade Regirsty and Registry of Other Legal Entities
The system for electronic registration in the Trade Registry and the Registry of other legal entities offers the option for electronic registration, changes and deletion. The entire procedure can be completed online and you are not required to be physically present at the Trade Registry.
The system is available 24 hours a day. The registrations are reviewed from Monday to Friday, 8:30- 16:30.
Submit registration in 3 steps :
1. Obtain a certificate

For assistance regarding services, please contact the customer support center:
E-mail: tehnichkapomosh@crm.org.mk

- Sonja Vugert

  tel. 078 491 774

-Lence Petrova Kirandziska  

  tel.078 491 776

Main tel: + 389 2 3288-100, +389 2 3288-294.

User account creation

In order for you to submit a registration, you are required to create a user account. For that purpose you are required to:

For more information on how to create a user account and acquire access to the system, please read manual for creating a user account.