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Services offered within the E-Filing System:
  • Registration of legal entities, changes and deletion
  • E- payment of registration fees
  • Certificates in electronic or paper format
  • An option for registration of authorized persons with the obligatory social security (Pension Fund and Health Fund) upon the first registration
Trade Regirsty and Registry of Other Legal Entities
The system for electronic registration in the Trade Registry and the Registry of other legal entities offers the option for electronic registration, changes and deletion. The entire procedure can be completed online and you are not required to be physically present at the Trade Registry.
The system is available 24 hours a day. The registrations are reviewed from Monday to Friday, 8:30- 16:30.
What is the difference between filing in electronic format and paper format?

The basic differences between electronic and paper filing of documents for registration at the CR office and electronically are given in the following chart:

Activities and services Filing in the CR Offices E- Filing
Document format Paper Electronic
Method of document verification Signature and stamp by the participants in the procedure (founders, legal representatives, holders of Power of Attorney, etc..) Digital signature by the participats in the procedure (founders, legal representatives, holders of Power of Attorney, etc.)
Communication between the applicant and the Registry Direct in the CR office or via postal service Immediate via the System for online registration
Fee payment Via payment transactors (banks, post offices, etc.) Via the system of online registration
Notifications, certificates, resolutions Paper format, in the offices of CR or via postal service Electronic format, via the system for electronic registration
Where can I find more detailed information regarding electronic registration?

Additional information can be obtained from the Technical Support Department of the Central Registry., at tel.: +389 2 3290241, +389 2 3290248, at tehnickapoddrska@crm.org.mk, or by contacting the following persons:

Name and surname Telephone E-Mail
Lenche Petrova Kirandjiska 077 677 626 Lence.PetrovaKirandziska@crm.org.mk
Sonja Vugert 077 590 686 Sonja.Vugert@crm.org.mk
Katerina Bogojeska 077 737 355 Katerina.Bogojeska@crm.org.mk
What is the expected response period for registrations and requests?

Once the requirements for registration are met (complete documentation) the response period is 4 (four) hours for registration of legal entity, i.e. the following working day for changes or deletions.

What kind of legal entity can I register in the registry?

Trade companies are registered in the Registry (Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, Sole Proprietorship Limited Liability Company, Trade Company, Public Trade Company, Limited Partnership Joint Stock Company, Limited Partnership, etc.), lawyers, notaries, artisans, etc.